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Gilad Segev - Passerby

Passerby is a Gilad Segev vision, A multi-cultural platform designed to incorporate music, visuals, sounds, ideas, people, and places, to be echoed further. Passerby is also the nickname of Gilad Segev, that  has traveled the world in search of rich cultural encounters and now shares those global adventures with audiences worldwide in the form of a musical and cinematic experience that is like no other.

Each Passerby concert is a unique, tailor-made event with captivating auditory and visual performances that invite the audience to come along on a personal journey of exploration. On stage, Gilad, with additional musicians from all around the world, introduces a unique artist from different cultures and roots in each song.

Passerby’s folksy sound combined with world music artists creates a whole new style of music that acts as a bridge to bring remote hearts together. It also provides the opportunity to amplify the voices of these talented artists so they can be heard on a wider, more global scale.

As the musicians play on stage, projected around them are cinematic stories showcasing the global and exotic landscapes from Passerby’s voyages, This mesmerizing combination of art and technology allows a deep, emotional, traveling experience for the audience, prompting them to find their own journey. Passerby refers to it as a journey to find their emotional GPS, in our multilayered dimensional world.

Passerby concert is an outstanding celebration of life, community, and culture and aims to be an experience for all the senses.

Meet Gilad

An intimate experience featuring Gilad and his guitar in an unplugged-style format. He’ll perform the songs that have long since become familiar and beloved, alongside stories from his travels around the world. The uniqueness of this encounter is the personal touch, delicate arrangements, interesting performances, and exceptional stories all combined with video clips integrated on a screen behind him to create a multi-sensory experience, and, of course, the opportunity to talk directly with Gilad about his work and fascinating life story.

Gilad Segev (also known as Passerby and Gilad Passerby) is an Israeli singer-songwriter, musician, travel documentarian, and author. He made his breakthrough in the Israeli music scene in 2004. Since then, he has released six albums. He is best known for his ten number one hit songs that have been widely played across Israel, including “Achshav Tov (It’s Ok Now)”and “Isha M'hashamayim (Woman from the Sky).”

Throughout his career, he has won many awards for his work, including “Songof the Year” at Israel's top award show for music. He has also achievedcertified Gold record status for a handful of his album releases.

Gilad plays the guitar and sings. His style varies from rock to pop, worldto folk, and electronic beats. He specializes in collaborating with musiciansfrom around the world, creatively constructing a musical melting pot in boththe mainstream and world music scenes.

Gilad has been writing columns for major newspapers for many years. In2019,he published his first book Passerby: Quotes for the Traveler ThroughLife, which became a bestseller. In 2020, he published a second book of Quotesfor the Traveler Through Life.

Since embarking on his Passerby journey, he has toured and headlined manyfestivals around the world, as well as collaborated with some of the world’stop musicians, including numerous Grammy Award winners and nominees.

Gilad has performed in over 100 cities around the world and gained millionsof new fans and followers on social media outside of his home country. In 2020,Gilad became the recipient of the GIW Innovation Prize in China.

Recent highlights include:

• In 2022, Segev was one of the international musical artists featured inthe official song of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

• Segev collaborated with Canadian-Indigenous music collective Indian City.Together, they were the headlining performers of the Tarbut Festival inWinnipeg, Canada.

• Segev was the headlining performer at the celebration of the 70thanniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel. During this performance,Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Yoshimasa Hayashi, notably joined Segevon stage to play the guitar alongside him as a gesture to show how close thefriendship is between the two nations.

• In January 2023, Segev released a multilingual song with Chinese operasinger Liang Ning to celebrate China-Israel relations.

There are no upcoming shows at the moment, but stay tuned!

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Passerby Hebrew

Project 34


Zman Lehishtanot - זמן להשתנות

Kolot Halev - קולות הלב

Noadno - נועדנו

The Love Remains - האהבה נשארת

Achshav Tov - עכשיו טוב

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